Is a Paralegal Career Right for Me?

If you’re ambitious, hard-working and willing to work with people, then the answer is probably yes.

Being a good paralegal, first and foremost, requires a firm interest in law. It is also helpful to:

  • Be a good researcher
  • Be highly organized
  • Have great attention to detail

In addition, good paralegals work well both independently and in a team.

More and more, it is also becoming important for paralegals to be proficient with technology, as businesses and law firms rely more and more on electronic records and communication.

A paralegal job is a good choice if you strive to build a career in the legal field, if you want the flexibility of being able to work in many different environments, or if you’re looking for a career that keeps you on your toes. Working as a paralegal means no day is the same, and you can work not only in law firms, but also in corporations, government agencies and many other organizations.

Paralegals and education

Paralegals are always in demand, and the position is considered by the US Labor Bureau to be one of the fastest growing careers in the country. It is also a career where you are constantly learning, as continuing education is expected. As a paralegal, you will always be keeping up with the latest changes in the legal system. If you have a passion for learning, you could exceed as paralegal. You may wish to look through our list of the popular paralegal schools to see which programs apeal to you the most.

Paralegals should also like working with people, as they work side by side with lawyers and other paralegals every day. They should have good math, computer, interpersonal, writing and verbal communication skills.

Paralegal careers today

A good thing about the paralegal profession is you can go much further with it now than you could have in the past, as paralegals continue to take over more of the responsibilities that went to lawyers in the past. Thus, good paralegals are often people who like the challenge of taking on less traditional responsibilities.

A paralegal career is a meaningful profession with an excellent job outlook. If you’re interested in a career in law, but don’t want to deal with the financial and time commitment of law school, becoming a paralegal might be for you.

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