America’s Interest in Fall-Out Shelters On the Rise

The catastrophe at the Fukushima No. 1 power plant following Japan’s earthquake has been absolutely devastating for the people of Japan. But it has meant booming business for the American fall-out shelter industry as fears of international nuclear contamination continue to rise.

Californian business man Robert Vicino, the 58-year-old CEO and founder of Vivos, says that orders for fall-out shelters following the disaster have increased by 1,000%. Brian Camden, the 55-year-old principal of Hardened Shelter, a Virginia-based company expresses a similar rise in inquiries.

The first US nuclear shelters sprung up across the country during the Cuban missile crisis followed by a subsequent wave of paranoia during the Cold War era.

It’s unknown exactly how many more shelters have been built as most want to keep it a secret. But don’t worry if you can’t track down any of your friends who have one. Vivos sells entry into one of their own shelters (housing anywhere from 80-2,000 people) for the low-low price of $50,000 with a half-off discount for children.

Buy now save later!


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