Man Beats a 7-Year Old Girl Unconscious, Steals Her Bike

Byron Edward Syvinski, 32 wanted a bicycle real bad. And he wasn’t about to let some scrawny 7-year-old girl get in his way. So after getting into a fist-fight with another kid’s dad who wouldn’t give him his bike, he ran over, knocked the young tot unconscious and tried to peddle away.

The Alaskan man was arrested almost immediately afterward since the attempted theft took place in broad daylight. Despite a lengthy criminal record including theft, firearms violations, assault, robbery and domestic violence, Syvinski has apparently lived in the same neighborhood where the incident occurred for 10 years now. Neighbors claim that until now there’s been no problem.

The girl was admitted to a hospital in critical condition and Byron was checked into a nearby hospital as well for evaluation – no doubt of a mental sort.

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