Don’t Wear a Crack Jacket to Your Drug Trial

Here’s a helpful hint for all of you. If you’re going to be appearing before court on charges of drug trafficking, perhaps you shouldn’t wear a jacket featuring a cartoon depiction of how to make crack cocaine. This is what a Fort Lauderdale man did recently and now it’s making national headlines.

The white jacket was covered w ith images of a white substance in a spoon, a cartoon baking soda and a little kettle over some fire. The end result was a “rock.” Next to these little cartoons were the words “stack paper say nothing” which is a grammatically frustrating way of saying “make money, don’t snitch.”

Yes, this is the real jacket

Yes, this is the real jacket

The judge apparently decided to “say nothing” as well. The man in question got away without any further legal troubles for his jacket. His lawyer, Joshua Rydell calls it a free speech issue. “I took it as freedom of expression,” Rydell said. “I didn’t take it as a recipe to cook crack.”

Rydell (who refused to release his client’s name) says that wearing drug related apparel to a court room isn’t that uncommon a thing. “It’s so common that I routinely advise clients, ‘No drug-related clothes when you come to court.'”

(Source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel)

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