Man Finds a Brick of ‘Unknown Substance’, Snorts it and Then Dies

Here’s a quick tip for those of your playing along at home. If you should happen to find a brick of unknown substance (possibly cocaine) floating by your boat off the coast of West Palm Beach  – don’t’ simply fish it out and snort it. That’s what Thomas Swindal, 53, from Merritt Island did. And now he’s dead.

Swindal and his brother Kenneth were out fishing one day when all of a sudden a strange little package came floating by. The took it out of the water and put it in a bait well but before he knew it, Kenneth turned around and that rascal Thomas was snorting it all up! Now, why anyone in their right mind would find a brick of some unknown powder and immediately a) keep it and b) begin ingesting it is beyond me. But hey, different strokes for different folks.

Anyway, Thomas allegedly began flipping shit, tossing all sorts of stuff overboard including a radio and the engine itself leaving the brothers stranded. In the interest of caution Kenneth proceeded to throw out all sharp objects so that his brother didn’t hurt himself. And also because at that point, hey, why not?

But it was too late. While Kenneth was able to flag down another passing vessel and have his brother lifted to South Miami Hospital it was too late. His brother died the next day. An autopsy is pending to determine just WTF our buddy Thomas snorted.

UPDATE: Yep, it was coke. (INB4 “Cocaine is one helluva drug…”)

(Source: WPBF)

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