Robber Beat Down: 16 Examples of Street Justice Caught on Tape

They say crime doesn’t pay, and rarely is that more vividly displayed than in these videos of robbers getting their just desserts from victims and innocent bystanders. From pizza place violence to septuagenarian with a serious Charles Bronson streak, these upright citizens might just help convince you that the world isn’t such a bad place after all.

After the jump you’ll find 16 of our favorite examples of everyday citizens taking the law into their own hands – all caught on tape and shared for the world to see!

1) Pizza Pwned (2008)

Location: Denton, Texas
When a robber entered the Pizza Patron restaurant disguised in a wig and sunglasses and toting a gun, 17-year-old employee Rudy Sandoval was prepared to follow his training guidelines and hand over the money. However, after the criminal slapped him in the face, all bets were off, and when Sandoval saw an opening, he knocked the robber out cold with a series of punches. The gun turned out to be a toy, and when his disguise was knocked off, the culprit turned out to be 41-year-old Benjamin Ramirez, the father of Sandoval’s co-worker.


2) Robber Gets Sprayed, Spanked, Pantsed AND Kicked in the Head (2012)

Location: Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
Convenience store owner Zhen Yang had been robbed four times in the past four years and was determined not to let it happen again, so when two knife-wielding suspects demanded money, he gave them the full gamut of torment, spraying them with bear repellent (it’s Canada, after all), then after one suspect fled, he grabbed the other, pulled his pants down and spanked him on the butt while Yang’s wife approached and kicked him in the head. The Yangs held him until police arrive.


3) Pistol-Packing Senior Citizen (2012)

Location: Ocala, Florida
A pair of 19-year-olds probably didn’t expect to encounter a senior citizen in the Internet cafe they planned to rob, much less one with a handgun, but that’s exactly what they got in the form of Samuel Williams, 71. Shortly after assailants Davis Dawkins and Duwayne Henderson entered brandishing a gun and bat, Williams, who has a concealed weapons permit, opened fire, causing the robbers to scurry out the door empty-handed and suffering non-life-threatening bullet wounds. They were caught a few hours later.


4) Female Cashier Emasculates Robber (Unknown)

Location: Mobile, Alabama
A robber approached convenience store cashier Latarchia Edwards wearing a mask and carrying a knife, but left with neither after Edwards shoved him against a wall and battered him with barrage of punches, disarming him and ripping the mask from his face. Leaving him dazed and confused, Edwards bolted outside to get the police, who had little trouble identifying the robber, since he was unmasked on camera.


5) Sneak Attack (2006)

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
When a robber snuck up behind a cashier at a grocery store, store manager Miguel Perez figured turn about was fair play. As the crook pushed what appeared to be a gun into the cashier’s back (and as shoppers looked on awfully casually), Perez crept up from behind and “leveled” him with a carpenter’s level, knocking him out cold.


6) Kung Fu Cashier (2005)

Location: Modesto, California
When 24-year-old Corey Allen Funk pulled a knife on diminutive convenience store manager Edward Petrossi as he manned the cash register, he had no way of knowing Petrossi held a black belt in six different martial arts. He soon found out, however, when the Iranian immigrant took a fighting stance and chased him out of the door, jump-kicking him in the back in the process. Funk fled in his car, but Petrossi was able to take a photo of his license plate, which he gave police. The crook was arrested shortly thereafter.


7) Beaten Robber Turns Out to Be a Woman (2008)

Location: Toledo, Ohio
It was apparent that the robber who tried to grab a cash register from a convenience store with three burly employees standing right behind the counter wasn’t the sharpest tool in the drawer, but only after being pummeled by the trio did it become apparent that the culprit was a woman. Although in their defense, she was a pretty manly-looking woman. The employees held Traci Powell, whose identity was hidden beneath a bulky coat and winter hat, until police arrived.


8) Robbers vs. Bikers (2008)

Location: Sydney, Australia
A pair of machete-wielding robbers who targeted a “sporting club” chose to disregard the 50 or so motorcycles lined up outside and paid the price when a mob of bikers grabbed nearby chairs and chased them out of the building. One of the crooks was tied up by the bikers, and the other was caught by police a short time later and treated for injuries sustained when he jumped through a window to escape the mob.


9) Robber Mobbed by Female Cashiers (2012)

Location: Juazeiro, Brazil
A young man apparently thought he would be able to waltz into a lottery house and swipe money from one of the female cashiers with no resistance, but he was sorely mistaken…and no doubt just plain sore after the beat down he received from the women. He was taken to the police station and fined.


10) Speak Loudly and Carry a Big Stick (2012)

Location: New Bedford, Massachusetts
After being robbed at knifepoint the week prior, husband-and-wife convenience store owners Nicholas and Hotilde Dawoud weren’t about to let it happen again. When two masked bandits entered bearing knives and demanding money, Nicholas broke out a long wooden stick and began swinging at the thieves. One of them fled, but Nicholas cornered the other one while Hotilde locked the store’s front door. When the trapped bandit took the stick, Nicholas began swinging a metal shelf. Locals who saw the ruckus broke into the store and tackled the robber, holding him until police arrived.


11) Can’t Con a Con (2011)

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
CVS Pharmacy isn’t at the top of most people’s must-rob list, but Alex Bainter, 23, figured he’d give it a shot. However, when 33-year-old customer Jeremy Puhalski, who himself was still on parole for armed robbery, saw what was going on, he picked up a nearby cane and chased the thief off, tackling him at the store’s doorway and dragging him back inside until police came. Do as I say, I suppose, not as I do.


12) Entire Store Jumps on Robber (2011)

Location: Barra Velha, Brazil
A couple of thieves in motorcycle helmets thought they could make a quick getaway after robbing a small grocery store, but as one of them waited outside, the store owner nonchalantly closed the sliding glass door, trapping his partner inside, at which point he began wrestling with the gunman. When the robber backed him into a corner, the other patrons jumped into the fray, punching, kicking and hitting the crook with anything that wasn’t nailed down. While his partner fled the scene, Gilmar Smith, 30, was sent back to jail; I say “back” because he was an escaped convict who’d broken out while serving a 48-year sentence for — what else — robbery.


13) Popeye’s Employees Take Robber’s Gun, Clothes, Dignity (2012)

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
A gun-toting robber entered the back door of a Popeye’s restaurant shortly before closing and forced the employees to open the safe, at which point one of them started tussling with the man. The other employees joined in, punching him and beating him with a broom as he eventually scurried away with no gun, no shirt and no money.


14) Cashier “Nails” Robber (2009)

Location: Tacoma, Washington
If you’re going to rob someone using a 2 x 4 with nails sticking out of it, you might want to make sure you have a good grip, because while someone might not be so quick to take a gun from you and immediately shoot it, you can bet they’ll swing that hunk of wood at you — as this hapless robber (who no doubt has a few holes in his back) finds out.


15) Mob Attacks Purse Snatchers (2010)

Location: Wenzhou, China
Apparently, Wenzhou is known for purse snatchers who ride around on scooters, and so the citizenry is understandably on guard. In this video, we see a pair of crooks do a drive-by snatching from a pedestrian’s shoulder before driving off screen. They, however, meet a wall of opposition from locals, who chase them back into view and corner them on all sides, beating them to a pulp with brooms, chairs, sticks, boxes, stools and an armoire or two. Presumably they were eventually arrested. Or pounded into a fine powder.


16) Mugger Gets Choked Out (2008)

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
The mugger in this video takes a different approach, initially seeming to engage his tourist-y victim in polite conversation in what appears to be a train station. He then grabs his wallet and runs off, but the victim runs him down and after a bit of a tussle, ends up putting the thief in a choke hold from behind. The robber goes limp, the tourist gets his wallet back, and although the culprit’s pal shows up, he thinks twice before engaging the choker.

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