The 16 Most Entertaining Law Blogs

Few blog writers have the wit and swagger of a law student or law grad. If you like verbose impunity,, check out the personal blogs of this uniquely confident cross section of the Web community. But do it before the overbearing stress of attorney employment and back-to-back nervous breakdowns keep them too occupied to post.

Thinking Fool – Written by a DC area lawyer, this blog examines everyday life through the lenses of someone armed with more than your average supply of cynicism. Though it rarely actually discusses law practice, it still counts, and is still worth a click.

Legal Antics – This one is a sort of round-up of legal hilarity from blogs, cartoons, and (actual) newspaper personal ads, with original commentary included. Created by the same author as Sui Generis and Women Lawyers – Back on Track, two other active law blogs with a slightly different focus.
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Above Supra – This blog looks into the day-to-day happenings of an intellectual property rights attorney from San Francisco, touching on things like ironic party conversations, employment, and co-workers. Being more of the thoughtful inner-monologue type than the hammering rant type, this blog is nonetheless a good read.

Legally Blonde – What’s wittier than a law blogger? Try a law blogger who’s also (presumably) a blonde. This one rants on law, work, and dating with the tenacity of a more educated Perez Hilton. If only she would post more often.

Confessions of a Litigious Mind – Written by a law grad who blogs about TV, work and the real world, this one does a good job of relating to the common man or woman – since we all do those things, too. It also seems to make a point of avoiding any capital letters.

Law With Grace – Grace is a rarity: a lawyer with a heart. Though her blog is as sharp, witty and hilarious as the rest, it is also serious and quite personal. It provides a glance into the world of a lawyer dealing with the problems everyone faces, as well as the ones only she faces. Definitely a good read.

Addicted to Medblogs – Meet a lawyer who likes to read medical blogs. This one combines feedback on daily law work with feedback on daily medical blog cruising, resulting in a fairly unusual blog salad.

Alleged Lady – Lawyers are already known for being cocky and straightforward. This relatively new blog tops it off by being cocky, straightforward and unladylike – at least in the author’s own opinion. We think this is exactly what female lawyer bloggers should be like, so we give it an A, for Awesome.

The Legal Underground – This is a virtual blender of law blog content — some linked from other blogs, some linked from the archives of this blog, and some posted straight from the horse’s mouth. Visit to get a quick shot of what’s new (or what’s nostalgic) in the law blogging world.

The Namby Pamby, Attorney-at-Law – Part of what seems to be a close-knit group of attorney blogger friends (see: Alleged Lady, Law with Grace), the Namby Pamby deals with needy clients, complex coffee situations, and the corporate slaghouse, and does it hilariously.

Barely Legal Intern – Also relatively new, this law student-authored blog takes you into the classroom to make fun of righteous teachers, and into the world of legal interning without pay. Add a little snark, and you get another blog worth checking out.

Honorable mention

These law blogs have are no longer active, either because their authors are finally in the loony bin, or because they’ve just been retired. But they’re still definitely worth clicking on.

Barely Legal: The Blog – When its authors were active in law school, this was apparently considered the godfather of the law blog world. Its archives support this opinion.

Overheard in Law School – A takeoff on the popular “Overheard in New York” style blog.

Yet Another Law Blog – Reading this blog, one can imagine the brazen wit this guy must have had in class. Our condolences go out to his current boss.

Drinking Before Noon – The chronicles of two female attorneys who are now either in rehab, or perhaps drunk in court.

There’s No Competition in Law School – If members of Delta Tau Chi House had been female (presumably) law students, this would have been their blog.

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