Top 10 Paralegal Blogs of 2008

In 2008, the paralegal profession was represented amazingly well online. These dedicated bloggers kept paralegals worldwide updated on the latest paralegal news and provided valuable career advice. To recognize the achievements of these bloggers, we’ve created our first annual list of the Top Paralegal Blogs of 2008.

Choosing just 10 paralegal blogs was a difficult task. Blogs were selected based on overall quality, consistency of posting, reader community. If you have a paralegal focuses blog that wasn’t included here, please leave us a comment with your link. We might just not know about you yet.

1) A Paralegal’s Blog


Blogger Christine Parizo is committed to advancing the paralegal profession in the eyes of attorneys, the general public, and paralegals themselves, and it truly shows in her wonderful site. A Paralegal’s Blog was our top choice for 2008 because of its amazing consistency, high quality writing, and valuable insights. We expect to Christine to be helping paralegals advance their profession for many years to come.

2) The Estrin Report


CEO of the Los Angeles-based continuing legal education organization, Estrin LegalEd, and founder of The Paralegal SuperConferences, Chere Estrin is truly a thought legal in the paralegal industry. Her blog serves as an irreplaceable guide to all members of the paralegal field and provides cutting edge opinion along with valuable career advice. Don’t miss out on this site, as people as accomplished as Chere rarely give advice for free.

3) New York Paralegal Blog


The New York Paralegal Blog, run by Joel Irving, is a tremendous resource for all paralegals with a New York centric focus. Joel’s site is the cutting edge of paralegal news, keeping paralegals everywhere on top of their profession. We hope Joel can continue this breakneck pace, as no one else paints a more comprehensive picture of the industry.

4) Paralegal Gateway’s Weblog


The official blog of Paralegal Gateway, a job site for paralegals, this remarkable site has been going strong since 2005. This blog is a must read for anyone looking for work as a paralegal, as it keeps tabs on the industries employment trends and recent job openings. It also features Paralegal Superstars, giving some much deserved recognition to the world’s best paralegals.

5) Indiana Paralegals Blog


As the blog for the Indiana Paralegals Association, IPA Blawg seeks to establish good fellowship among association members and members of the legal community, encourage a higher order of ethical and professional attainment, further education and training among members of the profession, and to cooperate and foster working relationships with bar associations and other professional organizations. Measure by these goals, it’s been a great success.

6) Paralegal SLO


Paralegal SLO, written by Traci Robichaud and John Smith, is the self proclaimed “World’s Greatest Paralegal Blog” and we really can’t find much to argue with that. This excellent site shares the very latest in paralegal news and serves as network hub for paralegal content on websites all over the web. Check it out, as you’ll surely come across a paralegal related story the you have not yet come across.

7) Practical Paralegalism


Lynne Devenny, the author of Practical Paralegalism, has over twenty years of work experience in plaintiff’s litigation and specializes in workers’ compensation, serious personal injury and wrongful death cases. Her paralegal career tips provide valuable guidance to novice and experienced paralegals alike, and her sense of humor always makes for an entertaining read.

8) Paralegal Focus


Carole Bruno of Paralegal Focus, is a pioneer of the paralegal profession. She’s helped create and define the paralegal career, and wrote the Paralegal’s Litigation Handbook (PLH) in 1980. The handbook has been adopted in over 250 colleges and used as a desk reference by paralegals nationally. She is one of the true giants of the paralegal industry and her blog is a priceless resource.

9) AZ Statewide Paralegal


Written by Shannon Trezza, the founder of AZ Statewide Paralegal, this site provides exceptional guidance for paralegals in Arizona and those thinking of hiring them. Fortunately for us, nearly all of her insights are relevant to paralegals anywhere. Don’t miss out on the chance to read the mind an accomplished paralegal and successful entrepreneur.

10) E-Discovery Paralegals


Although it’s based on a blog, E-Discovery Paralegals is so much more. Founded by Robin Elizabeth Margolis, the E-Discovery Paralegals Network (EDPN) is intended to be an organization for e-discovery paralegals, paralegals interested in learning more about e-discovery, and legal professionals who are interested in the growth of paralegals in this field. A great way to meet and network with like minded paralegals all over the world.

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