Topeka, Kansas Considering Decriminalizing Domestic Abuse to Save Money

The recession has hit its hardest among America’s heartland but news from Topeka highlights just how bad things have gotten. Or maybe just how bad Topeka has always been. It’s hard to tell. Bottom line: if you ever wanted to move to a place where you could beat your wife and get away with it – Topeka is your town!

Faced with making a 10% budget cut, Shawnee County District Attorney’s office announced that the county would no longer be prosecuting misdemeanors, including domestic violence cases. With all of these domestic abuse cases dumped on the city level instead of being on the county’s hands the city of Topeka s considering repealing their own city code the prevents domestic battery.

Since the county threw up their hands and gave up on prosecuting wife beaters, they’ve already turned back 30 cases. Sixteen people were arrested and then immediately released.

Town leaders all agree that these cases should be tried but nobody wants to put up the money to foot the bill. Lest you think they were heartless. They’re just cheap.

At a time when lights are being turned off, streets are remaining unpaved and teachers are being laid off, one must ask themselves at some point – where do we draw the line?

(Source: ThinkProgress)

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