Choose Your Paralegal Degree Carefully

Paralegal degrees are gaining popularity as law firms turn more towards paralegals to help build cases, investigate facts, research leads and outline arguments for trial.

Many schools offer paralegal programs, however the quality of training varies with each school, and not all degrees are created equal.

Paralegal Degree Options

With the right paralegal degree, you can get a head start in the field of law, or build upon your training to advance far into this lucrative and fascinating field. There are several options when it comes to choosing a paralegal degree.

One popular option is the bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies, which will not only gain you employment in respected law firms, but will also give you a solid foundation for becoming a lawyer.

Another option for those who already have a bachelor’s degree in a related field is the certificate in paralegal studies, which provides a basic overview of the field. This will gain you employment as a paralegal, though those who wish to advance may seek further education.

See a list of recommended paralegal schools here, or see a list of online-only schools.

How to Use This Site

At, you can find information on the different campus-based and online paralegal degrees you can pursue, as well as the basic curriculum offered in each path.

You can also find paralegal salary information, as well as learn about paralegal certification and the career outlook in the paralegal field.

Browse our site and find the information you need to choose your degree path. Remember, there are campus programs as well as online programs, and several different options for pursuing your paralegal degree.

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