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Paralegal Studies is Your Ticket to Career Opportunity!

Paralegal training programs and Legal Assistant schools can open the door to an exciting career as a Paralegal or other legal professional. By gaining the background you need through formal Paralegal training, you will have the opportunity to advance inside one of the most lucrative industries in the nation.

What can Paralegal training teach me?

Paralegal training can prepare you to manage the important tasks that build cases and drive the legal system. That means by finding the right online or campus-based Paralegal training program, you can build more professional experience, a higher salary, and a stronger resume for applying to law school. Get more info from Paralegal training schools near you to learn how they can benefit you.

How do I find the right Paralegal training?

Finding the right Paralegal training school is easy. For the best results, get information from two to three Paralegal training programs to compare them side by side.

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*Please Note: Program outcomes vary according to each institution’s specific curriculum and employment opportunities are not guaranteed

Paralegal Job Description

After graduating from professional Paralegal training, Paralegals work alongside lawyers preparing cases for court. This includes identifying relevant laws, and ensuring all information in a case is considered. Many paralegals even continue to become lawyers. An accredited Paralegal training program will provide you with the skills you need to be successful in Paralegal employment.

Some Paralegal duties include:

  • Investigating case facts
  • Reviewing previous studies and decisions
  • Reporting discoveries to attorneys
  • Building arguments for court
  • Draft agreements and contracts

Formal Paralegal training can prepare you for successful employment as a Paralegal or other legal professional. To find Paralegal training near you, get more info from schools in your area using the search form above.

Paralegal Training

Paralegal training is an exciting educational experience. Paralegal training programs are fast, highly focused, and geared toward preparing you for successful employment as a Paralegal or other legal professional.

The most popular Paralegal training options are:

  • A certificate in paralegal studies, for students with a degree in another field (12 months)
  • An associate degree in paralegal studies (24 months)
  • A bachelor degree in paralegal studies (48 months)

All three Paralegal training options are typically offered by career and junior colleges, with further training done on the job.

After graduating from Paralegal training, Paralegals may seek certification to improve their employability. Ask your Paralegal training school about available certifications.

To learn more about Paralegal training near you, request info from schools in your area using the search form above.

Paralegal Salary

Paralegals usually earn around $49,640 annually, earning more with experience. Wages vary with the employer, as well as industry and region. Paralegals who have formal Paralegal training generally earn higher salaries.

The industries employing the most Paralegals are shown below, with the median salary for each:

Federal Executive Branch $58,540
Management of companies and enterprises $55,910
Insurance carriers $45,200
Employment services $50,050
Legal services $44,480

Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.

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Paralegal Career Outlook

The Paralegal industry is expecting a 28% employment increase in the next decade, much faster growth than other industries, according to the US Labor Bureau.

The industry is expanding rapidly as more legal duties are taken on by Paralegals and other legal support personnel. Accompanying this growth is a surge in Paralegal training enrollment, as ambitious Paralegals jump to enter the growing industry. The best employment opportunities are found by Paralegals who graduate from accredited Paralegal training programs.

To get important enrollment info from Paralegal training schools near you, request info from Paralegal training programs in your area by completing the search form above.